LAAND is a live Greek band that excels at entertaining the entire audience, adults and children alike! We combine Greek and American traditions but also offer music of a more diverse international flavor. Our live band is great entertainment for weddings, festivals or parties!

Andreas arranges all background music and uses the XD3 sequencer to accompany the bouzouki. A full band can accompany us on request.

If you'd like us to make an appearance at your event, please contact us using the form below!

We play in many locations including Austin, San Antonio and the Dallas/Fort Worth area! We often play at the Athenian Grill and the AHEPA Texas Greek Festival in Austin, and we have played for over 10 years at the Mid-Cities Greek Fest in Euless, TX.

We are available for weddings, anniversaries, office parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, festivals, night clubs and any place where people want to have fun! Want to see us play? Check our performance schedule.